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Lowell, MA


Developer: Lupoli Companies
Project Lead: Karen McShea
Graphic Design Support:
Colin Middleton
Architect & Interior Design: CUBE3
Renderings, Video & App: Neoscape

The Brand:

Created by Neoscape

CONCEPT Renderings:

Photorealism was the goal in the approach to the renderings for Thorndike Exchange. In order to give drama and a realistic view as to what to expect from this rehabilitated mill building, we enlisted the help of Neoscape, located in South Boston. 


pre-development assets:

{ by Neoscape }


Archetypes & Architecture

The Hype Video was created with two things in mind, showcase the spaces and attract the target demographic. 

The "book-ends", millennials and empty nesters were each represented by a different character who was featured in the hype video as well as specific renderings. Creating these archetypes not only offered a friendly face, but gave the viewer a human entity to relate to and connect with.

To add visual interest and subtle movement to otherwise stagnant renderings, Neoscape created a set of dynamic Live Renderings using a combination of human and 3D modeling. The result allows the viewer to get a sense of place and scale while adding visual interest for websites and social feeds.

Thorndike Exchange is a150,000-square-foot mill building that formerly housed Comfort Furniture Bedding and was converted into an amenity-filled, luxury mixed-use space. The Developer wanted this two phase project to feel like a Boutique hotel — loaded with high-end amenities, unique architecture and ground-breaking attractions for the residents of the building and the City of Lowell to enjoy. This Ground-Up Brand Build had lots of moving parts, innovative ideas and thoughtful design details that tied this exciting project in with its neighborhood. High-end finishes, clever design integrations and cutting-edge marketing were the platform to bring this “boutque brand” to life. From Logo conception through the development marketing phase to the interior design strategies, this brand had a detailed Hype Plan to steadily build interest as the project evolved. FoxShop lead the creative from concept to completion, while working hand in hand with the Lupoli Companies Development and Marketing Departments.



+ Naming
+ Brand Identity
+ Brand Strategy
+ Environmental Graphics
+ Signage
+ Dynamic Content
+ Social Media

Live Renderings:

hype video:

Creating a digital presence

Social scene:

What do a fashion blogger, a bar tender and a an architect have in common? They all live at Thorndike Exchange.  Or, at least that was the narrative that we created for the archetypes in the Hype Video for Thorndike. Each entity had a name, occupation and social life that would connect and inspire a future resident to choose Thorndike Exchange as their next home. Each character also showcased a featured amenity to the project; the outdoor terrace, Cafe space, Restaurant & Bar, Gourmet Kitchen and unique resident lounge.

how to digitally
Connect People
with place

these are the people in my neighborhood

Social scene:



Building a sense of community

the thorndike experience:

The experience center:

The Thorndike Exchange Experience Center was created to give prospective tenants a place to come and see everything that Thorndike Exchange had to offer. The space featured: leasing offices, a large screen tv, seating areas and a kitchenette -- all created using finishes that would be used throughout the building. 

Additionally, the space was created to hold various community events that embodied the spirit of neighborhood that the building was modeled after.


The brainchild of Karen McShea, the former Director of Development for Lupoli Companies, The Exchange Experience was an 8 week course with a full curriculum aimed at teaching the girls at Girls Inc, Lowell the ins and outs of Real Estate Development. 

Each week featured a new topic and career in the Development Industry. The curriculum included: Branding & Design, Finance, Engineering & Architecture, Marketing and Interior Design. The classes were all taught by female industry professionals in their field. The course concluded with a full graduation ceremony for the students and their families.


The Built

Creating a sense of neighborhood and artistic flair.
Each floor of Thorndike Exchange was named after one of Lowell's Famous 5. We selected 5 Lowell natives who have made their mark on history and created color coded and themed common areas on each floor of the building.  The concept, creates a sense of neighborhood pride, as well as encourages the residents to mingle to each floor and discover the different entities and their stories located on each.




Metro Sign and Awning

See more on the



The Thorndike Exchange building boasts loads of amenities for its residents:  

+ 2 large lounge spaces equipped with a full kitchen and bar area, couches, televisions, library wall and gaming room

+ 5 semi-private resident lounges with its own television and seating area.

+ A rooftop terrace and dog walking area

+ Covered connection bridge to the MBTA station.

+ State-of-the-art gym with all of the latest equipment.


Packed with modern conveniences, these large, sun-filled units house the best in designer finishes.

+ Quartz countertops

+ Stainless-steel appliances

+ In-unit laundry

+ Walk-in showers and bath tubs

+ Exposed brick and hardwood floors.

"Jaime is one of the most talented creative thinkers I have ever worked with. She has worked with me in various capacities over the years and I am always amazed at how well she listens and takes that vision to an entirely new level. For Jaime, it’s not just about a logo or a brand, it is truly about the promise. She understands how to communicate a vision and its promise through a series of visual experiences with design, color and texture. Every project has its unique intricacies and Jaime’s ability to break down those characteristics into meaningful visual messages is her strength. Jaime brings thoughtfulness, creativity and originality to every assignment and brings a vision to life.“

“Every project has its unique intricacies and Jaime’s ability to break down those characteristics into meaningful visual messages is her strength. ”

Corporex Colorado
Karen McShea


Senior Vice President & Market Director, Corporex Colorado

Karen McShea